User Guide: Mixer

Mixer Module:

The Mixer gives access to Live’s Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo, Arm & Sends controls as well as the Crossfader and A/B controls.

A mixer menu on the left side allows you to select the controls you want to use.

By tapping the Mute buttons you can mute/unmute the corresponding tracks.

By dragging the buttons left and right you can scroll through the tracks of the live set.

You can increase or decrease the amount of tracks in the view by using the zoom buttons in the bottom bar.

Next to zoom, the icon shows if “relative faders mode” is activated or deactivated. In this mode the faders will not jump to the position of the finger but will increase or decrease relative to the amount the finger moved.

The “0db Lock” prevents your volume faders from going over 0dB. If the icon is turned blue , “0db Lock” is active.

The last icon in the bottom bar hides the mute buttons from the Tracks Section and resizes the faders accordingly. Note that if the mute buttons are hidden, you’ll have to use the clip module or the devices module to scroll through your tracks.

Tapping quickly twice on the top part of a fader will bring its value to the maximum. Same functionality exists for reaching quickly the middle value and minimum value.


Bring up the Crossfader by tapping the Crossfader icon in the mixer menu. The mixer control section will resize and the Crossfader module will be shown.

It contains the Crossfader itself, buttons for center, left and right position, and a button to toggle the A/B control section.

If you tap the A/B toggle the A/B controls for each track will be shown. Set them by tapping on A or B.


Tap on the Multicontrols icon to add as many controls as you want in the same view. All of them will be shown for each Track.

Select all the controls you want to show in the view by tapping them. If they are selected, they will turn blue. As long as you add new controls, the previous controls will be resized, and the chosen control will be added to each track.

You can toggle each of the controls independently.

After the initial setup you can switch between Single and Multi controls per view at anytime.


If Snap mode is activated, all controls will jump back to their previous value after being released. This is especially useful in Live-scenarios. To activate and deactivate Snap mode, press the lock-button on the sidebar. Snap mode can be quantized and synced to the current tempo. To apply a quantization, open the transport bar, and tap the quantization menu icon, then set a value.


In Full View mode the mixer offers a range of different functionalities, which can be accessed by tapping the button on the bottom right corner of the mixer view.


Double Mixer mode shows twice as many tracks using 2 Rows.


Dual Mixer mode shows the same area of Tracks with separate Controls for each Module.


Big Mixer Mode maximizes the length of the faders using 2 Rows, this is useful for fine tuning.