User Guide: Midi Mapping External Controller


touchAble includes a hardware-midi-controller connection feature, which lets you plug a midi-controller into your iPad device using Apple camera connection kit USB adapter,

or any other MIDI device using a dedicated MIDI interface for Apple iOS.

With this feature you are able to midi-map several control functions but also menus and module-buttons.

Lets map the device module controls to our hardware-midi-controller.

Tap the settings icon to go to the Settings page and tap the midi mappings icon.

The page shows the list of mappable  function.

Tap the “Device Module control 1”-line. The tab turns blue meaning that touchAble is waiting for Midi Input.
Just turn or push an encoder of the hardware controller.
The midi message is transmitted. Tap the tab again to stop the learning mode, and repeat the process for the next controls.

Once the mapping it’s done, select a device; now the encoders of the hardware can control the parameters from the current devices view. If you change bank or switch to another device, the encoders will show you the change of the values while yo‘ll be able to get all the information needed within touchAble.

If the Hardware controller only offers simple encoders, pickup-mode will be enabled, meaning it will use no values until the hardware control equals the value of the original parameter.

You can also map several touchAble functions, such as main menu and transport bars, different modules view and many others.

By using different mappings on an hardware midi controller plugged into your iPad you can considerably speed up your workflow and combine the best of  the physical touch and the touch screen.