User Guide: Midi Mapping External Controller



The Devices module gives you access to the devices in your Live set. May it be Live’s devices, VSTs, AUs or Max-for-Live devices.
By default, it shows the devices on your Audio & MIDI Tracks. Navigate left and right by scrolling the view. 
To access your Return-Tracks, toggle the 'M' button.
For easy navigation, each of the device buttons shows the color of the parent track.
If you want to see more devices or tracks at once, you can open the sub menu and use the zoom buttons.
By activating toggle-mode, you can activate and deactivate devices from this overview. 
Tap quickly to toggle the device on and off, or hold it for a while to change the state momentarily.

You can also delete a device by using the delete function located in the transport bar.

Let's deactivate the toggle mode and access a device. 
You can do so by tapping the device.


The default interface for a device consists of 8 Faders, automatically mapped to the first 8 parameters of the device.
You can increase this number to 16 in the sub menu.
For Live- and Max-for-Live devices, the Faders will adjust their appearance and behavior to the control they are assigned to. However, they will not for VSTs and AUs.
For some of Lives devices – e.g. EQ8 - touchAble provides a native template. All these templates closely resemble their counterpart in Live. 
If you activate the Devices module in full screen, you can access a second device, completely independent of the first one.

If Snap mode is activated, all controls will jump back to their previous value after being released. This is especially useful in Live-scenarios. To activate and deactivate Snap mode, press the lock - button on the sidebar. Snap mode can be quantized and sync to the current tempo. To apply a quantization, open the transport bar, and tap the the quanization menu icon, then set a value.

The sub menu includes quick-navigation controls.
Use them to switch Banks … Devices … Tracks.

You may have noticed the column to the right.
This column shows all devices of the current track.
To switch to a different device, simply tap its button.

The Device overview can also be used to pool the devices that you are going to use frequently - even if they are from different tracks.
To activate the COMBO MODE, go back to the device overview and activate the COMBO MODE toggle.
Select all the devices that you want to pool by tapping them. If they are selected, they will turn blue.
Now deactivate the COMBO MODE toggle and enter a device.
If you now reactivate the COMBO MODE toggle, the column on the right switches to the pool of devices you just selected. 
Again, tap one of them to switch to it!