Adam R. McCausland

A self-taught composer & sound designer, Adam has been writing and producing music since he was 16. A large portion of his recent music has been created by sampling acoustic instruments and then manipulating these to create full works. He has scored numerous short films produced in Belfast in recent years and works with Warp & Woof Music ( in Belfast alongside Composers David Baxter & Martin Byrne providing music and sound design for TV, film, apps and games. 

Adam: My Musical Process and Gear

"I'm currently using Ableton Live 9 on PC. I always have touchAble open and by my side for quickly punching in beats and simple melodies into Live. I love how easy it is to build up a number of clips without ever needing to touch a keyboard or mouse. 

One of my favourite features in touchAble is the XY Pad with the gravity controllers. I've had no end of fun using this with various effects In Live and I've no doubt only scratched the surface of what it can do at this point!

I recently shot an experimental video where I used only the sounds recorded from a cello to create a full track in one day. touchAble was invaluable for allowing me to do this quickly and easily. With the iPad just beside me I could easily record and overdub and build up numerous layers of rhythms and sounds using the cello which I could then rearrange and play with on screen in Live itself when arranging and finishing the final track."

"touchAble was a fantastic tool for me to use with Ableton recently when I shot a sound design/music video using only a cello for generating sounds to create a full track. touchAble was the main tool I used to record and control everything in Ableton which I then later used to build up the final track. 

You can see me using touchAble in my pictures on flickr
You'll see it even better in the  Cello video above! 

I also get great use out of touchAble around the house when I'm recording random objects and sounds in different rooms for music. Building up clips to use later couldn't be easier!

Many thanks and keep up the great work on the app!"