Le Ren 

Le Ren is on a mission, although now it can't be explained... only heard and felt…

One thing Le Ren can say is love, love, love... born and built on love in 1996 Detroit, sophisticated shoegazers Le Ren were formed when Nardo rocked the 4-track with tones that filled the sky with stars.

Fast-forward to the year 2009 the fates would have it no other way than to cross Nardo’s path with Army Brat and Heidelberg, Germany born singer songwriter Tina Renee.

Tina immediately fell in love with Nardo’s rhapsodies. A track here and a track there, and it was clear that his ethereal sounds and her fervid words were meant to be together, and so they joined forces and took Le Ren’s journey to another level.

With sublime tracks like “Birds” and “Voodoo You Do”, it is clear that Le Ren, inspired by the heart's phenomenon, is the epitomy of Love in all it's raw forms.

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Detroit - Los Angeles - Austin 

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