Fits of Genius

Fits of Genius produces music that merges electronica, R&B and rock. Brian O’Donnell is Fits of Genius and has been producing music since his early teens. In his formative years he moved frequently, living all over the world - his only constant was the ability to create music. With limited resources he developed creative tricks such as using a boom box, drum machine and keyboard to create multitrack recordings wherever he was - without a studio or formal training. 

While in Europe, he became enthralled with the sounds of electronic dance music. Shortly after college, O’Donnell transplanted to New York City where he studied audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research - finally working in a real studio, collaborating with real artists. He engineered several major label artists and produced new talent under a slew of monikers.

O’Donnell’s current moniker and most recent release is under Fits of Genius. The music is beat driven, melancholic and rides an emotional fence playing with themes of love, loss, sadness and joy - sometimes simultaneously. He makes a conscious choice to work with limited lyrics and encourages listeners to fill in the gaps on their own - allowing audiences to relate to a song by coloring it with their own mood or emotional moment. The songs plays with traditional structure, creating twists, turns and unexpected resolutions.

My name is Brian and I perform under the moniker Fits of Genius.

I would like to share that I started using TouchAble on a regular basis after a huge studio tragedy I had last Summer.  I had raised funds on Kickstarter to complete my album and was finished and about to send it to mastering when not only my main drive died but also my backup one.  I was unable to get the projects back and was devastated.  Not being a person who gives up, I decided to rethink how I was going to make the album all over again. I took this incident as a sign that I was on the wrong path. Fast forward to production and I decided to revisit TouchAble in conjunction with my studio setup. It helped me to focus on making music fun again. The app is a constant travel companion so I don't have to bring a lot with me, helps me to get out of my chair and to have FUN.  I am also in love with the XY section and has become a regular part of my daily routine!

Thank you for your hard work on TouchAble and I can't wait to see what comes next for L9!!!