touchAble team - hard at work!

In case some of you have been wondering if we are still supporting touchAble, whether we are releasing new versions & features, and if we will support Live 9..

the short answer is: YES!

the long answer is that we have spent the past 18 months mostly writing our own graphics engine and a completely new server, to ensure that the coming features will run equally smooth on all generations of devices.

We have used these new tools to rebuild touchAble from the ground up.

We are aiming to release the iPad version of the 'new' touchAble during the last  quarter of 2013. And yes, it will include new features and support Live 9, and yes again - it will be a free update!

We also used these new tools to build touchAble for iPhone & iPod Touch, which will be released the first quarter of 2014.

Thank you guys for your continued patience and all your support, even if we sometimes stay a tad too quiet while we're busy in the lab


Posted on October 18, 2013 .