Server update 3.0.2

We have just released updated Servers for Mac & Windows, version 3.0.2. 
And please don't forget to install the new scripts after the installation! :)

We have changed quite a bit:
Fixed some Script problems (esp. with Live 8) that could lead to 'Scripts out of Date' or 'Live not running' errors.
Included LaunchSync compatibility.

Changed Server architecture:
-The server now shows a little icon in the Menubar / Tray.
-You can now easily quit and relaunch the server.
-The 'Reinstall Scripts' option can be accessed by clicking this icon.
-Removed touchAble Console.
-several other bugfixes.

-The server was moved to /Applications/.

-64-Bit users are no longer required to install the special 'iTunes for older video cards' version. Please install the regular version from apple prior to installing this update (sorry!).
-added latest virtual MIDI drivers
-different installers for 32/64 bit, please choose the right one for your system.

Please let us know if you run into any issues! Cheers :)

Posted on April 22, 2015 .