touchAble 3.3.6 & compatibility with Live 10

touchAble & touchAble Mini are now completely compatible with the highly anticipated Live 10!

You can get the latest versions on the iOS App Store now. 
The Servers & Scripts have been update to version 3.7. Please make sure to install the latest version of both before you start using the latest app-version. 

Other changes include:

- Fixed issues that could happen when used with Live 9 on Windows.
- touchAble can now access Drum Racks that are nested within other Racks.
- Fixed access to Live's Library via the Browser
- Fixed possible issues with grouped tracks.
- Server & Connection improvements. 
And many other smaller fixes & improvements.

Hope you enjoy touchAble with Live 10 :)

Posted on March 7, 2018 .

touchAble 3.3.2

We've just released touchAble 3.3.2, this update fixes few minor bugs and some issues with USB connection on certain configurations. 

touchAble server remains the same.

- fixed bug in simpler template
- fixed bug in editor xy-pad
- fixed usb connection bugs

Looking forward to your feedback, Cheers!

Posted on April 26, 2017 .

touchAble 3.3 & servers update 3.3.0

We have just released touchAble 3.3 and updated Servers for Mac & Windows, version 3.3.0

Don’t forget to download, and Install new server and new scripts before using touchAble 3.3!

This new version will be the last one supporting IOS 5 and so iPad 1st generation.

This new version will  also be the last version of touchAble 3 in history. 
But don’t worry, we are working on the next major release, and we are very excited about it, the future of touchAble looks great! We’ll make an official announcement once we’ll be ready later this year, so please don’ ask for dates, we won’t give any yet ;) 
We’ve been collection your feedbacks and wishes and we hope to satisfy as many of you guys as possible. So until then, enjoy this solid touchAble 3.3 version, and don’t forget to send us what you’ve made with it!

touchAble 3.3 provides several bug fixes and improvements which will help Mac & Windows Live 9 users getting the best of their production & performance sessions.

Here is what this new version brings:

Fixed MIDI issues for Windows users

fixed some parameters in Simpler which were previously wrong when Simpler was used in an Instrument Rack or Drum Rack

Fixed a possible crash when adding/deleting devices

Fixed issue with the 16 parameters view in the Device module

Server and connection optimizations

Beat counting works now with different time signatures

Empty midi tracks are now easily identifiable in the Mixer module

The blue Hand feature can now only work if a Push is connected

Several minor fixes

Please let us know if you run into any issues! 


Posted on April 11, 2017 .