Hi Folks at TouchAble!

 I love TouchAble and use it live quite often.  It's excellent for sitting on the couch with a pair of wireless headphones and mixing and performing!  I love using the XY pads to create glitchy sounds and effects, I then resample the output to get some useful samples.  



AfroDJMac is a musician who writes and records his own music; a sound designer who creates custom instruments and sound packs; a writer who shares his knowledge, curiosity, and passion for music making from New York USA


From his Web Site:

"I began my musical career playing guitar, and shortly thereafter fell in love with songwriting.  From there, instruments and gear became a set of tools used for creating new songs.  My musical roots are in the early days of rock and roll, which, during my impressionable teenage years, were thankfully mixed with the grunge and rock of the 1990s. Over the past few years, a mild obsession with electronic music and the applications of modern technology in the music making process has inspired me to find new ways to create songs.   Sharing knowledge and techniques is central to my musical philosophy; I’ve spent a lot of time getting involved in the electronic music community, creating free Ableton Live downloads, tutorials and tips."